...But First, the News

I have opinions, emotions, retrospectives, and even prognostications regarding the Celtics Game 6 victory in Detroit to close the deal on their much-expected trip to the 2008 NBA Finals, but before we get there, I just witnessed one of the greatest goals I have seen in ice hockey in a long while.

Mark it down: Game 4 of the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals. Marin Hossa scores the 1st goal of the game at 17:00 of the first period by stuffing a short-side rebound by Chris Osgood's left pad. Just 3 minutes in, Hossa displays some of the sickest hands and fastest wrists I have ever seen on the ice. I've played hockey for 30 years, and I have not seen a guy stuff a puck in such a tight space in such a lightning fast moment more than twice before (vaguely recalling here Jagr in his prime and the other I cannot picture- Forsberg maybe?).

Anyway, it needs to be an ESPN Top 10 play ASAP tonight/tomorrow and preserved as a Youtube moment forever.

Seriously... check it out.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program (Celtics post forthcoming).


The "hIT" List Returns

I used to have a widget in the old format of this blog that was called the "hIT list". It usually covered 5 or so links to stuff (products, software, electronics, articles, etc.) I found relevant- at least to me. Well, in honor of that list, from time to time, I will post a few links to things that struck me as relevant. Totally subjective, but I hope you find some of them useful (or at least interesting). So, without further ado... The hIT List:
  • Reality is MUCH scarier than anything on TV.
  • Agree or disagree, this list is a real thought provoker. (Well, not really, but for a generation of video game geeks, it's pretty funny with a couple of, "damn right" statements sprinkled in.)
  • If you do not read the Consumerist, you are missing out.
  • You simply must appreciate scientific pictures like this one of a solar flare that can be found at NASA's website in the Images of the Day section. Wow.

Do You HDTV?

For those of you with an HDTV (on February 17, 2009, that means everyone in the U.S. based on this), CNET has an awesome link to help you with your HDTV calibration settings for over 80 models of TVs on the market dating back as far as 2006.

If you want the quick background, here's the CNET staff member who does the calibrations blogging about it.


A "No-No" with No Shortage of Storylines

I am glad that the point of Varitek being "tha man" behind the plate (modern record catching 4 no-no's) was not lost in the post-game and today's coverage of Jon Lester's no-hitter... it was 1 of my 1st thoughts when the Sox recorded the final out that it probably has been as much Varitek's diligence as it has been his pitchers' talent over his reign behind the Sox' plate.

Incidentally- Theo's "development machine" seems to be coming to fruition... Lester, Buchholz and (tonight's starter) Masterson are the "early returns" for a club that went from wasteful spenders (read: Dan Duquette Era) to "2 Rings in 4 Years".
Lester's cancer story, the no-hitters, the kids (Ellsbury, Lester, Buchholz, Masterson, Lowrie...), Lowell's fit in Boston, Papelbon as closer... these are the quality stories behind the overplayed Red Sox Nation-type stuff (Yankees, big payroll, etc.).

If you saw the post-game congratulatory pig-pile and line of hugs, you understand how far Red Sox Nation has come.


We've All Been There (right?)

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while by far...

AMP Walk of No Shame Ad


C's go up 3-2 on Cavs

The picture above says it all. The Rajon Rondo show hit Boston last night, and the Celtics 2nd year point guard absolutely stole the spotlight over fantastic games from Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

KG's double-double was as dominating as he has been all season. Even Pierce's voracious D (and team-high 29 points) was a different gear from where he has been at any point in the season- punctuated by a highlight reel dunk off of sweet give n' go with KG in the 4th quarter that really shut the door on the Cavs.

But for my money, I say Rondo's 20/13 points/assists defined this win. Not to mention his defense on Delonte West including a magnificient hustle play to block West's layup following a Celtics turnover (gee, why did we get rid of West and keep Rondo the rookie?). Despite his diminutive size compared to the others on the court, Rondo was a mismatch all night long- his speed and aggressiveness against the plodding Cavs defenders were on display and if he keeps it up, the Celtics might just win their first road game of these playoffs. And not too soon.


Wow, it's Been a While.

Like the song says, "It's been awhile...", but I had some thoughts on the current sports landscape, so...

Here's the thing about the Pats... why issue a bitter press release, scolding the media for alleging they taped the Rams walk-through when all this time (and for years previously) they remained stoic like their leader (Belichick) in the face of any criticisms? I ask this as a lifelong Pats fan too (i.e., I have lived/breathed this team for 30 years). Why get ornery now? Move on and try for 19-0 again, end of story.

After watching the Celts' lackluster defensive performance in the final 2 minutes in Game 4 (and almost 10 minutes of horrific offense from both teams) I am concerned about tonight's game. Though I am not panicking because *gasp* LeBron had a big dunk to punctuate the Cavs comeback in this series.

I wonder if the NHL could pull an unprecedented move by anointing the Pens and Wings the Conference Champs today and letting the Stanley Cup Final start this weekend? Would that not be the greatest moment in the NHL this decade? Heck, it would at least give them as much press as the Pens/Sabres outdoor game this past season. G'head, anoint their a$$es.