Proper Cloth Custom Dress Shirt Giveaway c/o StyleCrave

If you haven't checked out the folks' at StyleCrave (part of the uCrave network) then, well, you don't know who they are. But that obvious point aside, let me give you some insight- the guys know their shit when it comes to finding some good lookin' clothes. And occasionally, they throw in a contest to boot.

Take this hookup they are giving away in collaboration with ProperCloth.com. (Incidentally, the guys at Proper Cloth also know a thing or two about the business of clothing- the founder is an MIT Biz School grad who combines his mad tech and business skills with his love of fashion and takes pointers from a former 20-year custom clothing vet by way of Brooks Brothers and that "other little business school," Columbia University.) I digress, onto the contest!

The first step: visit ProperCloth.com and use the "create a shirt" tool to design your very own custom dress shirt.

Next, there are three ways to enter the Proper Cloth Custom Dress Shirt Giveaway: on Twitter, on your own blog or in the comments on StyleCrave's page. Here's how you can get involved:
  1. On Twitter: Tweet this to tell the world about your shirt design: I'm a mens fashion designer, thanks to @StyleCrave and @ProperLife http://bit.ly/jiobf
  2. On Your Blog: If you have a blog, mention this contest- you could even share a screenshot of your shirt with your readers. (See mine below.)
  3. In the Comments on StyleCrave's page.
The prizes:
  • First place: $200 gift certificate for ProperCloth.com
  • Second Place: $100 gift certificate for ProperCloth.com
  • Third Place: $50 gift certificate for ProperCloth.com
The boys at StyleCrave note that this giveaway is only open to US-based readers over the age of 18. Take a look at my design and why I picked my specs:

Navy and Red Pinpoint Dobby Check Shirt w/Blue Mini Bengal Dress Stripe Cuff and Collar
  • I like blue. It's "my color". But to just do another blue shirt would be boring. So I chose this slightly subtle blue and red check. You can pair with a number of suits (yes, you can mix checks with a striped suit- just leave the tie to a subtle pattern or solid), sport coat or leave it to its own devices and come away a winner.
  • Personally, I saw it under a V-neck cashmere sweater with a knit tie and blazer- perfect as we head to fall and very RL (not typically my thing, but I'd make the exception here).
  • I also chose French cuffs because I am really obsessing on these from the brothers at BillyKirk. And you can dress up French cuffs or dare to dress them down.
  • On that note, I threw in the Mini Bengal Dress Stripe in light blue for an accent on the cuffs and collar. Why? Because if you pull this shirt off in a suit and then, as is customary, you take off your jacket and roll your sleeves (whether getting down to some nitty gritty work or maxing and relaxing after with a Bombay & Tonic- my drink of choice), you need something to anchor the dress down look with your dressed up personality- and that's the business-like Bengal stripe accent. Which, by the way, scores against the I'm sure you know better than to match wider-stripe suit. (See? Told ya you can mix the check with the stripes!)
  • And the last detail is the semi-spread collar (the "English Spread" as Perfect Cloth so calls it). It can stand up on its own without a tie and not make you need the button-down All-American look, but with that rockin' red/blue check still look very American.
So there you go. Check out the contest and grab yourself some distinctively styled shirts in the process.