Vintage Southwick Flannel Suit

I'm not a big vintage junkie, but this was too hard to pass up. I found this Flannel 2-Button Suit by Southwick (made for Hillhouse Ltd.) almost by chance, which is good because I'm not patient enough to shop vintage the "right way". I did not care the pants don't fit. I don't care the jacket was a size small- that's what tailors are for.

I know flannel happens to be *cough* "in" right now, but I would have spotted this fine craftsmanship from a mile away regardless. The feel and texture is great and the color and striping is spot on. The jacket can be worn seperately with ease, and the shoulders are classic Southwick (read: soft and not too padded) to give the wearer a cleaner fit to the body. Like Michael Williams at A Continuous Lean had pointed out once, I hope that despite its acquisition by Brooks Brothers, Southwick retains the authenticity that made this baby. Even if that flails, I'll be happy knowing I got a pre-BB version.

Like I said, it could use some tailoring, I'm not exactly, uh, "model-sized". But fortunately for me, like any quality suit, the makers at Southwick provided what should be ample material along the seams of the jacket and pants to make the necessary tweaks. The jacket really only needs a minor adjustment for the chest, and a sleeve shortening will give it the necessary updates for me.

The pants, however, need a serious letting out- sure I have a standard 6-7 inch drop, but man, the previous owner was skinny. And I'm axing the pant cuffs. Pending the result of this, I may even have the leg taken in to slim it down. We'll see. Here's some "before" shots.



Sperry Topsiders Tremont Two-tone Penny Loafer

Angelo's post @Eyefivestyle's Class Act about needing new loafers inspired me for this one. Should penny loafers be a staple in a wardrobe? These two-tone Tremont loafers by Sperry certainly make the argument compelling.

Sperry, Tremont Loafer in Black and "Seahorse" (brown)

I will admit, I am not the first one in line to buy loafers. Should they be a staple in a guy's wardrobe? Probably in 98.6% of cases, yes. So this time, I'll bite. These Sperry loafers do a couple things for me:

1) They give me a clean looking loafer I'd be comfortable wearing on (casual) workdays or at play.
2) The two-tone is what really gets me- I'd be happy to rock these with either blacks or browns in my ensemble. Hell, go for broke with both (yes, yes you can).
3) The Sperry Non-Marking, Rubber Outsole with Razor-Cut Wave-Siping is a complicated way of saying, "You won't slip on your ass." It's durable and functional without looking out of place.

(also available in black)

How (much):
MSRP $90.00 (on sale for $65.00)


L.L. Bean Signature Bean Boot (aka Maine Hunting Boot)- A Pictoral

I'll leave the reviews to everyone else and leave the hatin' to the comment section below. Here's a simple pictoral of today's arrival- the L.L. Bean Signature Collection Bean Boot.









Adidas SLVR Pocket Bomber Jacket- A Modern Classic

Red may be the new "in" color for this season, but Adidas SLVR makes it fresh.

Adidas SLVR Pocket Bomber Jacket in Red

One thing I like about the Adidas SLVR line is their ability to take a classic piece and update it with a sleeker line or a modern fabric without stealing away its intrinsic simplicity. One category I find they excel in is outwear. And this latest take on the classic bomber is a perfect example.

The best part in my opinion is how Adidas added the 2 flap pockets on the back. a real winning feature and juuuust enough to change up a classic like a bomber jacket.


The Nylon ripstop material is perfect for Spring, but also a great way to layer up while the weather is still cold. SLVR does a great job keeping stitching and seams clean too.

The trademark SLVR "dash" is applied to the yolk area below the collar in a contrasting black nylon patch and is a nice touch.


(also available in black)

How (much): $148.00


All-American Style at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Ralph Lauren is not the only one covering Team USA's athletes. Sure, RL made his mark early in these games with the on-point American ensemble for the United States' Opening Ceremony gear (and subsequent high snobiety bitchiness that ensued), but there are a whole load of other styles that Team U.S.A. wears throughout these games and we should not forget about.

Check out the pics below for some of the gear our Olympians are wearing throughout these games (note- Ralph ain't the only label covering our athletes). Starting with my first love- ice hockey- the boys in "old-school" Red, White and Blue are lookin' good. (Think an updated "Miracle" fellas!)

 A return to simpler times for Team USA's Ice Hockey uniforms, provided by Nike

  Burton's official USA Snowboard Team uni, made out of material supplied by the Gore (think Gore-Tex) Company. The pants were designed to look like ripped denim, but are waterproof

Shaun White and Scotty Lago in Burton 

 The Medal Ceremony look for all Team USA medalists sports Nike Air Blazers, a Nike ACG Considered Design Waterproof Down Jacket, ACG Considered Design Waterproof Pant, Nike Air Blazer ACG boot, and headwear.

 Hannah Kearney earned gold in Women's Moguls and looked good in her Nike faded puffer. Made from recycled material, each puffer is uniquely faded. 

In the Olympic Village, USA athletes will be wearing this recycled Warm-Up Jacket with the contrast stripe and 2010 USA Olympic Team logo. Made of recycled polyester fabric.

The warm-up jackets on Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick, provided by Nike


Under the Radar: Mik Cire by Eric Kim Debuts

Catching up on all the hoopla of the past week for Men's A/W10 collections in NYC is almost impossible. Building off of a "know thyself" conversation I had with @eligetson on Twitter this weekend, I'd rather pick and choose my battles than be everything to everyone.

Echoing that sentiment, I feel like Eric Kim, former chief of Monarchy, is cut from the same philosophy cloth. His debut men's collection, Mik Cire, seemed very cohesive and had a singular vision, and not in a bad way. Lots of black for sure, but I think the highlights of the show were the pieces in grays, browns, and olives that allowed you to see more of the finer details that really worked. 

And don't get me wrong, the darker pieces did show great use of mixing fabrics and giving the eye a little something different to focus on, like the accent on yolks in the modern cowboy shirts...

...or the arm wraps on an asymmetrical trench

The bottom line to me were great silhouettes and trim lines without feeling too tight or too modern, but juuust enough. Some more of my favorite looks from Mik Cire below.

(Credit to Coutorture for the above pics)

You can also catch a summary video here, courtesy of MBFashionweek.

Highlights from NYC's Latest Men's A/W10 Collections

As NYC Fashion Week winds down,The theme was definitely Americana. Did you SEE all those workboots? But mixed in were some really inspiring interpretations. Take a look below at my choices thus far. A mix of Americana for certain, but one for all occasions. I'll have more detailed thoughts later and updates on the latest from Sunday/Monday collections.


Momotaro Chambray Work Shirt- Subtle Style in a Popular Trend

Momotaro "Going to War" Model Work Shirt
5oz Original Japanese selvage chambray
One Washed
100% Cotton
"War Stripes" painted on left sleeve
Made in Japan

I like this Chambray shirt because it is simple to look at yet has just enough detailing to really make you appreciate the thought of an actual "work shirt". For instance:

Actually useful pockets- one flap pocket, one pen pocket. And the white "warrior" stripe makes me recall vintage football jerseys (yes, that's just my opinion).
The tab collar

The selvedge cloth and nice end stitch

All in all a very nice Chambray shirt without the pretentiousness of today's Chambray craze.


How (much): $175


Tom Bihn Bags

A name you may not have heard of in the world of Made in USA products is Tom Bihn. The eponymous company has been making bags for over 20 years in Seattle and has developed quite the niche- heavy duty yet lightweight bags designed to protect your gear from here to there.

The company motto is "Siquid mantica non capit, domi relinquendum est."
Translation: If it doesn't fit in your knapsack, leave it behind. 

And man their bags fit a lot. This Tom Bihn video about their flagship "Empire Builder" bag really helps you get to know the product.

What makes a Tom Bihn bag worthy of your consideration? Sturdy construction, ridiculous configuration options (check out the attachable "Brain Cell" and "Packing Cube" add-ons to start) and a complete and thoughtful lineup in a variety of colors including:
Laptop Bags
Messenger Bags
Travel bags

Typical materials you find across the lines include exteriors made of U.S. 500 denier Cordura, 1050 denier Ballistic nylon with twice the abrasion resistance of 1680 denier fabric, and #10 YKK Uretech splash-proof zippers on main compartments and exterior pockets.  

Maybe not the most sophisticated-looking bags you can have in your carryall lineup, but you cannot deny the quality, functionality and sporty aesthetic. A couple pictures of Tom Bihn goods:

Oh, and don't forget that little American flag they can proudly wave because they are all Made in the USA! 

For more on Tom Bihn, visit:

Tom Bihn also is doing the social media thing- check out their Facebook page, Twitter feed and Flickr group to name a few. (And they love customer involvement.)