Metric's Latest

I'm digging Metric's latest album, "Fantasies". It's a nice combo of progressive rock infused with an indie vibe and electronic beats. If you understand what that means, let me know. Just felt like it sounded right.

But seriously, Metric is an amalgamation of sounds led by the aforementioned electronic feel, but blended into the soul of a rock band. They have a vintage feel I like- just an authenticity so often missing in today's music. And the band members have a cool sense of style too (not to mention cutie Emily Haines on lead vocals).

Check out the "Fantasies" album and several videos below:


Outlier- Clothes a Serial Killer Could Love. (What?!)

I am a fan of synthesized materials woven w/classic threads to make better clothes. In fact, my favorite garments in my closet are (in no particular order):
  • Melange Grey Dress Pants by Gap (96% Cotton, 4% Spandex)
  • 3/4 Black Trench (72% Polyester, 20% cotton, 8% "other" materials) by H&M
  • 100% Pima Cotton Polos by various brands
Hey, I didn't say ALL my faves would have synthetic threads in 'em. But as you see, 2 in the Top 3 are a blend of natural and synthetic materials. Why do they share such distinguished honors in my wardrobe you ask? Because of 4 things:
  1. They fit/drape fantastically (as much to do with the materials as to do with buying clothes that fit).
  2. They wear fantastically- in other words they show little signs of wear and tear.
  3. They are stylish because they were made with classic looks in mind, but use newer materials to achieve a perfect blend of old and new design. Almost a "less is more" philosophy.
  4. I can wear them for nearly any occasion due to their combination of simplicity, comfort and style. They blend to fit your look.
It is not always done right of course. There are so many materials in different percentages and weaves and applications (and misapplications) that the garment often times does not make the cut. Pointing out a couple in my closet that I like probably does not paint the picture of all the clothing I have that did it wrong (hellooooo Salvation Army).

I point all of this out because, at first glance, I love these new garments by Outlier. I had heard about Outlier a few months back (and several times since) and was intrigued because, simply, the guys behind the label seem to share my appreciation for "synth done right" and taken it to a ridiculously high level of meticulousness.

Using materials with names like, "4Season Lotus" and an application called the "3XDry treatment" Outlier has created garments that should stand the test of time both in style and usage. It is a new blend of nanotechnology with the DNA of old-school construction principles. Bottom line, they are well-constructed, wrinkle-resistent, water and stain-resistent, breathable, stretchable, worn for any occasion... heck is there anything these pants can't do?

Methinks a serial killer might be afflicted too... check out the anecdote the guys have,"The bike was destroyed, the knees battered and bleeding, yet the pants were just fine and that was exactly the quality of construction we knew we needed."

Maybe the pants are destined for an episode of CSI:NY or something. Just imagine:
CBS Commercial voiceover: "T
he team can't find clues to track down a killer on the streets responsible for killing a company's bike messengers. But did the company ever think the killer might be one of their own?
Cut to Gary Sinese: "There's no blood, no fibers, nothing."
CBS Commercial voiceover: "It's the CSI's toughest case yet!"

OK, maybe a little extreme, but so are these clothes. Currently offering 2 styles of pants (4Season or Dry Cotton+synth), a merino+synth hoodie, a waxed cotton cap and a not-so-synth-but-shares-the-dream Merino wool T-shirt, Outlier also promises new garments for Fall. Buy them here and appreciate the dynamism for yourself.