Gentlemen, Start Your.... Wardrobes

While I typically wax philosophic on sports in my posts and leave the sidebars for postings of other interests such as tech/gadgets, fashion, etc., I do from time to time feel it pertinent to share with you good things outside of the athletic endeavor in the actual posts. So here's one about what should be in your closets: Let's preface this by saying the following caveats:
  1. I am a grown up (i.e., over 21).
  2. There is a time and place for T-shirts and jeans. This is not that time nor that place.
  3. As a grown up, I think it is important for men (again over 21) to dress appropriately if you are gainfully employed in a "white collar" world.
  4. "Blue Collar" jobs garner my utmost respect, but as they pertain to this post, are very different in the dress codes as they change so drastically from profession to profession. So this post is more about a formal attire to business casual type of workplace rather than a trade or industry workplace (again requiring different professional standards).
  5. If you don't think this applies to you in your job, take a page from it for evening and formal occasion wear. Every guy will encounter these needs at some point.
Good enough? OK.

So, men, take a look. You
need to know this (credit: men.style.com)...