Summer.... Blink and You'll Miss It

Which is not a bad thing in my opinion. To celebrate the coming of August- which in turn means back-to-school shopping and Fall clothing lines debuting soon- I saw this sweater and instantly thought, "Cold weather cannot come soon enough."

I love Fall clothes. I love the ability to layer and add a little more sprezzatura than (at least) I do in the Summer. Summertime is not (as) conducive to strokes of sartorial genius simply due to the limitations in wardrobe the hot weather dictates- especially among us working class citizens. I get too warm in anything more than a cotton button-down and cotton khakis. I try to mix in blended or stretch wools (read: partly synthetic) that lend a little comfort and style in my pants selection for Summer, but still- to pull off anything heavier turns me into a puddle. I know experts such as Scott Schulman or Glenn O'Brien might argue accessorizing (with watches, fanciful belts, bracelets, accents of a different color, etc.) to offset the more limited wardrobe. But I still cannot shake the greater enthusiasm I have for Fall style.

In honor of the pending cooler weather and Fall collections, I found several garments coming to a store near you that caught my eye lately. I haven't been a student for years, but I can honestly say, bring on Labor Day!

And here's an ensemble for my kid come the Fall...
UPDATE: This leather jacket (see below) by French Connection rocks out- very modern, yet timeless. Something French Connection is REALLY good at is nailing today's styles for a modest sum. This bomber is spot on for today's man in black. Gosh, that sounds like an advert.


Now THIS is crazy...

Jack Bauer still rules, even if he hasn't been on TV for over a year. But where do we draw the line?



David Versus Goliath

Starbucks is was everywhere. With the closing of 600 U.S. stores, the coffee giant has shown that even it is not invincible in these tough economic times. But that does not mean local coffee shops have to struggle too. The above link is a good article about local bean brewing proprietors who stay open and thrive- even against the big 'ol siren of coffee.

This is a
cool slideshow to compliment the article.



Josh Hamilton

Most ridiculous HR Derby round ever? Sure. But that was also a transcedent moment for MLB in this 2008 season.


Why now?

Because I simply haven't bothered b4 this.

hIT List

I hadn't done one in a while so, without further ado...
After I looked back at this list, I realized it represents a bit of cross-media (audio/video, book reading, Web surfing) and sums up my interests right now pretty well- clothes/fashion, electronics, food/travel and sports. Not a bad list of interests at all in my opinion.