The "hIT" List Returns

I used to have a widget in the old format of this blog that was called the "hIT list". It usually covered 5 or so links to stuff (products, software, electronics, articles, etc.) I found relevant- at least to me. Well, in honor of that list, from time to time, I will post a few links to things that struck me as relevant. Totally subjective, but I hope you find some of them useful (or at least interesting). So, without further ado... The hIT List:
  • Reality is MUCH scarier than anything on TV.
  • Agree or disagree, this list is a real thought provoker. (Well, not really, but for a generation of video game geeks, it's pretty funny with a couple of, "damn right" statements sprinkled in.)
  • If you do not read the Consumerist, you are missing out.
  • You simply must appreciate scientific pictures like this one of a solar flare that can be found at NASA's website in the Images of the Day section. Wow.

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