iPhone- A Typical Apple Evolution?

The following link is a good piece covering the basic features of the new iPhone. I think the most important point to note when considering, shopping for, reviewing, comparing, contrasting, and (maybe) catapulting the iPhone is to remember what Steve Jobs & Co. do best.

is great at evolving products of a genre with style/function better than almost any other company.

Everyone is all worried that iPhone may not be revolutionary. Well... so what?
UPDATE: Here's a great new review from Newsweek and MSNBC.

The Mac, the iPod, and now the iPhone are memorable for being revolutionary. Heck there was a PC, an MP3 player and- duh- a plethora of cell phones and smart phones already on the market before Big Mac joined each product's respective battleground. And believe me, there are a lot of good phones and even a handful of great phones already out there.

knows who they are. It's almost like the Dupont Company's old slogan, which I believe was, "We Don't Make the Products You Use, We Make the Products You Use Better."

In a nutshell that is

The Mac brought a look and feel and fluidity to the desktop and laptop arena that PCs cannot match. Add to that better security, tighter/cleaner hardware, and supreme handling of files and, voila, the perfect computer.

iPods did the same thing. There were MP3 players and then there was the iPod. New look, new organization, new interface (iTunes). It (arguably) took file sharing off the map and disposed of clunky interfaces, but digital music was already there. Again, it was an evolution, not a new genus and species of technology not yet discovered.

Same with the iPhone:
  • Touchpad? Check. New? No.
  • Large screen? Check. New? No.
  • Rotating Screen? Music Browser? Web Browser? Contacts? Check, check, check and double check. But new? Nope, nada, nein, not in here.
Nothing here is being seen for the first time. What you will see is a whole new way to experience these features.

's trademark is its stylistic re-interpretation to make usable devices infinitely more user friendly and, well... cool.

And I am sure that will be iPhone- a cell phone that, while not revolutionary, will be stylish, user-friendly and cool. I can live with that.

I chose to use the
because, quite frankly, I think we all know the symbol as well as the name. And isn't everyone tired these days of the name ? See, I still didn't say it.

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