Friday Finds

Credit: Adidas SLVR


Credit: Schott

 Credit: Dan Gordon (via Year in Pictures)

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Home Renovations: Kitchen

Remember this kitchen?

Would you believe me if I told you it is now this...?

I've been meaning to post the trials and tribulations of our house renovation project in an elaborate way, but cannot seem to find the time to get there, so here's a quickie version.

We finished at the tail end of the summer, moved in September. The details that went into this are far from just the finished products you see in the picture.  Remind me to wax poetic sometime about the custom cabinetry work, the 45-degree kitty corner challenge, the ceiling plaster swirl matching and many more challenging fixes along the way. Let's just say, the beauty of this room to me is not in the finished product as much as the time and care that went into making it look like this. A job well done by all who helped.

I'll throw up some more "Before/After" images from different rooms and note anything significant that went into each. By far the kitchen was the biggest effort, but there were lots of other notable challenges along the way.


RL Puffer Hunting Vest

I tried to put it out of my mind, but I can't resist. There's a lot going on with this hunting vest by Ralph Lauren.  But I mean that in a good way. It has juuuuuust the right combination of 2 trends currently on the radar right now- the hunting jacket/vest and down-filled vesting.  Here's the pro's for me:

  • Not too puffy and a slim fit despite the quilting and "heavier" details like the field pockets.

  • The use of materials- cotton quilting, corduroy accents, leather shoulder patch and neck roll strap- are complimentary.


  • The absolutely fantastic plaid lining (I think Mr. Wastler from all plaidout would approve.)  

The  Bottom Line: The choice of colors in high and low browns and tans (combined with the mix of materials) really play nicely together in a great Fall layer.