Weekend Roundup.

A weekend's Worth of Observations...
  • RICH RODRIGUEZ! Rich Rodriguez! Rich Rodriguez. Meh. Wake me up when he has a national title.
  • Who's more irrelevant already- A-Rod or Katie Couric?
  • The Pats got the job done. That's about all you can say for how they played.
  • Oh how the vote of confidence for Brian Billick prior to this weekend has probably lost a little luster.
  • The Boston Celtics are 20-2 and have the best home record to start a season in their history. In. Celtics. History. Wow.
  • If I am Tony Romo, do I dump Jessica Simpson now? Or is too late and my teammates will haze me for that pink jersey anyway?
  • I think the Mitchell Report fallout is scarily quiet. That's good news for baseball because the 2008 season will really be unaffected. That's bad for baseball if Selig drags his feet on testing/rule enforcement of PEDs.
  • The Providence Journal had a good article profiling Dustin Pedroia and other young stars coming up through the bigs and credit Pedroia with coining the phrase, "The Clean Generation". Interesting term, as it doesn't necessarily denote PED-free in my opinion- more like "clean/undetectable form of PED".