Damn You Versus!

I'm an NHL fan, born and bread. But man, Versus (Vs.) is making it damn hard to stay with the Stanley Cup Finals. Twice tonight already within a period and a half of the Ducks/Sens Game 2 (and that's with flipping to the Red Sox on breaks in action, hence missing small bits of the game) the producers at Vs. have somehow managed to bastardize the action by cutting to commercial during game play. It's like the incompetent employees in the production booth set commercial breaks and said, "Screw it. Even if the game's still on, we need the commercial revenue to keep this ship afloat."

Come on guys, get your heads out of your a$$es. It does not help your cause. If it happens again, I may just boycott the rest of the Finals- and that's from a die hard NHL fan.