The First Re-Gift of the Season

After my little Christmas Shoe Challenge ended, I had a bit of remorse. Not "buyer's remorse" because I love the Timberland Yele Haiti Chukkas I picked, but because I think I did a disservice to a good idea.

Something that looked good on paper ended up being completely not what I wanted it to be- let's face it, it turned basically into a big pile of reindeer crap. I didn't just let the challenge speak for itself for all to enjoy. But alas, I'm not sad for my result, just sad I didn't give people something more simple. Something better.

So with my frustration fresh on the brain, I broke bread with LAS over at Sartorially Inc. for his winning the pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Ranger Boots from my little challenge. And just like that, we came up with a gift that keeps on giving...

Line Change & Sartorially Inc. present the first "Re-Gift Giveaway". 

 Check out Sartorially Inc. for the latest twist to this already twisted little challenge and you could win the now infamous pair of boots.

We Have Ourselves a Winner x 2: I Chose the Timberland Yele Haiti Chukkas and @SartoriallyInc Wins Some Shoes This Holiday Season!

Without much fanfare I held a little pseudo-contest to help me pick some simple boots to get as a gift for Christmas from a relative. I promised to give everyone that commented or tweeted their suggestions a shot at winning the pair I picked. Well, the way things played out, no one picked my choice- the Timberland Earthkeepers Yele Haiti Chukka.

But I still needed a winner. So I chose a commenter at random and have decided to offer him a pair of boots amongst his suggestions. Lawrence from Sartorially Inclined is Line Change's winner. He chose a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Ranger Boots.

Congratulations to L.A.S.!

Later I'll be posting about my choice and the "losers" (note: they all rocked it pretty hard).