Because We Love a Well-Dressed Man.

Sure, the gentleman is known as the Sartorialist, but that is more for Scott Schuman's eye for fashion and well-dressed folk on the streets of cities like New York, Paris, Milan, Stockholm, and London. But do not overlook the man's own personal sartorial style. Scott's cool. And the second shot below (of Mr. George Cortina, professional stylist) is also from Sart's blog- showing you he really practices what he preaches.

And he's right on.

(courtesy: thesartorialist.blogspot.com)

(courtesy: thesartorialist.blogspot.com)

UPDATE: Also found Mr. Cortina (here with Mr. Hamish Bowles- also looking quite dapper) from another of Sart's postings- this time courtesy of Mr. Schuman's blog at style.com

Change for the Sake of, Well... Change

There's no reason other than I am beginning to subscribe to the "Less is More" philosophy, but I plan on changing this blog and bringing it back to a simplistic template of yesteryear in both form and function.

Here is what I know. I no longer have time to update different sections and thoughts and syphon through what I want and where. This was intended as a true weblog (read: journal) of things I find interesting and at some point it became an amalgamation of, well... junk.

These things are like closets... if you do not clean them out once in a while, pretty soon you run of room to put things and they invade your living space. This site began invading my space and I do not like it that way.

So, Spring cleaning time has arrived. Changes to follow.