What a great combo.

Nicely shot by Mr. Schulman, aka "The Sartorialist". Definitely a nice look for Winter, especially if you are going to a social gathering this holiday.

Why So Serious Dark Knight?


Weekend Roundup.

A weekend's Worth of Observations...
  • RICH RODRIGUEZ! Rich Rodriguez! Rich Rodriguez. Meh. Wake me up when he has a national title.
  • Who's more irrelevant already- A-Rod or Katie Couric?
  • The Pats got the job done. That's about all you can say for how they played.
  • Oh how the vote of confidence for Brian Billick prior to this weekend has probably lost a little luster.
  • The Boston Celtics are 20-2 and have the best home record to start a season in their history. In. Celtics. History. Wow.
  • If I am Tony Romo, do I dump Jessica Simpson now? Or is too late and my teammates will haze me for that pink jersey anyway?
  • I think the Mitchell Report fallout is scarily quiet. That's good news for baseball because the 2008 season will really be unaffected. That's bad for baseball if Selig drags his feet on testing/rule enforcement of PEDs.
  • The Providence Journal had a good article profiling Dustin Pedroia and other young stars coming up through the bigs and credit Pedroia with coining the phrase, "The Clean Generation". Interesting term, as it doesn't necessarily denote PED-free in my opinion- more like "clean/undetectable form of PED".



Admit it, You Know You Need to Know This...

It is relevant to every guy at some point, so save this.


Go Ahead Say It... Boston Teams @#$%$%!!!!!!

Well, not really, but the rest of the country wishes they did. Look, Say what you want, 12-0 is 12-0.

But like I said before, losing Rosie Colvin just aged the LB corp extensively (more minutes for the old men of the "D"- Bruschi, Seau, Vrabel). They look brutal.

And their line play on both sides of the ball is horrible for 2 straight weeks. I'm worried they are playing on rep only, but there's no fire there right now. And Dean Pees needs to take a page from Jimmie Johnson and Rex Ryan and call something interesting for this defense. Their schemes are too "vanilla" right now.

Buster Olney is reporting the Twins have requested medical files on Lester- a sign they are moving closer to the deal. And to all those "Fans" out there who are arguing against trading for Santana because of some perceived loyalty to the youngsters, look at it this way. We are replacing our #5 spot starter (Lester) with a #1.

Here's another way to look at it- Curt Schilling is now your #4 starter. Seriously. How could you ever complain about his trade? Other than the fact you just paid 8 figures for your #4 starter. But hell, that's just being picky.

And I won't even bring up the Celtics (*cough* 14-2 *cough* *cough*).



If you watch anything, anything at all, be it TV, film, DVD, Internet shorts, hell- porn, you should check this out. I've been following the Writers Guild of America strike and several of the blogs surrounding it (whether voices of writers, the WGA, etc.) and it's fascinating to see actual passion from a union instead of the stereotypical inertia that surrounds union negotiations (my wife is a teacher, trust me, professional unions and negotiations tend to be about as flavorful as Melba toast).

Pencils2MediaMoguls is a charitable drive to donate your spare change and voice your support to the WGA- one of the true backbones to our ROI on entertainment discretionary dollars. I.e., the guys and gals that write the "talkies" you love and hold dear for enjoyment and a release from the mundane daily existence most of us live. Give them your support.

UPDATE:This is kind of a cool off-shoot of the above charity... some folks will get rewarded via raffles for their support of their favorite show(s).