48 Hour Film Project- Silent Film

This short film, Cease to Beat, is from the 48 Hour Film Project in Providence, RI. It's so cool what digital media can do with sound, color and editing of a modern "silent" film. And all produced in 48 hours this past weekend! Sick.

Winners to be announced Thursday.

Cease To Beat from Stuart Chudy on Vimeo.


Sartorial Style Still Lives

It has been a while for two things. First on the list is my realization that I have not posted in forever. That comes from: a) being ridiculously consumed by my home renovation project(s) and b) finding something worthwhile to post on that didn't involve said renovations or something mundane and not worth reading.

Secondly, and complimentary to my lack of engaging the audience, I have found a real lack of output from one Mr. Scott Schuman, aka, "The Sartorialist". No disrepsect intended to Mr. Schuman of course, as always his photographs are top-notch. But what I mean is nothing on his site has grabbed me and made me think, "Yep, I'd do that. I like it that much."

That is, until today. This shot is just well done all around.

If I can pull that off now (let alone in my more mature years like this gentleman), I would be a happy man. The colors, the style, the accessories. The guy is rocking it. I even enjoy the flipped tie. Kudos. And thanks Mr. Schuman for giving me something to post after a long respite.


Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots

Wolverine's 1000-mile boot coverage has picked up with their official release at places like Scoop in NYC. I am not saying I called it (credit: ACL for the original scoop way back when), but I certainly nailed the pricing here (yay me).

More importantly, I am glad to see another solid Made in USA product get some continued attention from outlets like Material Interest.