To "D" or not to "D"...

So here's the first real post in this blog. Might as well start with the obvious... Week 1 in the NFL. Here's my first thought- This year will be feast or famine for offenses. That is not to say games will be blowouts. It simply means, all teams are going to pull a booky's worst nightmare and either a) post more points than they would be expected to score times N to the 22nd power, or b) look like the 2005 Chicago Bears and barely crack the scoreboard. (And this does NOT include the 2006 edition of said Monsters of the Midway who, despite being given the Green Bay Pack-it-ins for Week 1, showed their "O" is not the "o" (note the case change) from last year.

  • Pittsburgh 28, Miami 17- wasn't this supposed to be 2 Top 10 defenses?
  • Atlanta 20, Carolina 6- So Keyshawn isn't Steve Smith? Duh.
  • Baltimore 27, Tampa Bay 0- If "da Bears" were suprise "O" #1, then the Ravens were #1A.
  • New England 19, Buffalo 17- the anomoly of the day. Consider after this preseason the Pats' 17 offensive points (-2 for the safety) a decisive disappointment.
  • Cincinnati 23, Kansas City 10- K.C. the impotent, not K.C. the omnipotent.
  • St. Louis 18, Denver 10- Defense replaces offense out West.
  • New Orleans 19, Cleveland 14 - ok, sure, there's always outliers on any curve.
  • N.Y. Jets 23, Tennessee 16 - Given the QB situation of both teams, 39 points is A LOT.
  • Philadelphia 24, Houston 10- About as predictable as any game in Week 1.
  • Seattle 9, Detroit 6- *blink blink* Huh? *blink blink*
  • Chicago 26, Green Bay 0- Now starting at QB for the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers.
  • Jacksonville 24, Dallas 17- So much for the "D" being back in Bid D. Thank Mr. Bledsoe (3 picks) more than fault the defense though.
  • Arizona 34, San Francisco 27- Sure, Arizona's offense was expected, but San Fran's? And if they have next year's #1 pick to go defense (say, defensive lineman Adam Carriker of Nebraska)... woa.
  • Indianapolis 26, N.Y. Giants 21 Personally, I say this was a dud given the gene pool lining up behind both centers. But 47 total points is still respectable with 2 respectable defenses.

If Week 1 was any indication, Week 2 should shock us (predictions later this week).