And Another Thing...

The Men's Spring 2009 Fashion Week is happening right now across Milan, Florence (Pitti Uomo), and Paris. I saw this black suit in the latest Calvin Klein Collection and thought to myself, "that is how to make a great looking basic suit today." The fit, the narrow (and peak!) lapel, the sheen. It's complete. I'd buy it, no question- something I cannot say often with these fashion show samples.

Then if you look closer- it is a far more forward-thinking suit than first glance will tell you.
Look at the material, it looks textured. If you follow the reviews of the collection, the designer (Italo Zucchelli) uses "cotton perforated like Airtex". Strange, given the shimmer of the clothing. What a great illusion. And a great look.

Sean Avery Gets It

As a hockey fan and ongoing participant (played the game since I was 5), I am not sure I expected this from Sean Avery. But knowing his visage is always in a photo or two snapped at fashion events, galas, charity dinners, etc., I am not surprised by it either. In fact, it raises my opinion of him just a bit.

An NHL enforcer has some sartorial style. Go ahead NOW say something funny about a guy who appreciates fashion.
You know, if a guy who dates girls like Elisha Cuthbert, wasn't proof enough fashionable men are appreciated right back.