Jonah Hill IS Superbad!

Kudos to Jonah Hill for ripping on this moron and pulling back the curtain on the incubator for psychotic behavior that is a celebrity's press junket. Seriously, these actors are basically put in this "Cell" for a full day and conduct virtually the same interview over and over and over to push their film. While you cannot necessarily feel bad for them because, well, it's their occupation of choice, you can sympathize with simply having had enough after a long day's work and not needing some schlep needling you for no reason. (h/t msn, ifilm.)


And the Fantasy Gods Rejoiced...

For LJ hath returned to the fold in K.C. And Fantasy Football Drafts everywhere just shifted. My guess is LJ just moved up from the 5/6/7 range I have been seeing out of mock draft rooms like ESPN and back up to the 3/4/5 range now that he'll get 2 games under his belt before the season.

And actually, who can argue with THAT strategy? Hold out half of camp, miss the two-a-days and 2 pre-season (see: useless) games in which to get hurt, er... I mean get in practice reps and shake off the rust? And you know what? After a 400+ carry season last year, LJ deserved/needed the rest to keep him a little fresher to start this season.

The veteran players will tell you, the preseason is a joke and should be cut in half anyway. LJ (and Vinny Testaverde) just took it upon themselves to show everyone. And besides, "Maddenites" everywhere have gotten to enjoy dishing out a little LJ punishment for a whole week already since the launch of Madden '08. So really, all we are talking about at this point is the suicide rate amongst the fantasy footbal GMs who already held their drafts and had the 3rd or 4th pick and passed on Mr. Johnson because of his contract status. (Note: those GMs do not deserve to win their league anyway if a contract dispute clouds their draft judgment and precludes them from taking a stud at RB- they deserve a year long hazing anyway).



Michael Vick pleaded out officially just a little while ago. Like the guy had any choice. All 3 other defendants pleaded out faster than one of their own freakin' dog fights lasted, they ratted on Vick, AND they were ready to testify in Vick's case if it came to a trial. Add to that the Feds' eagerness to throw in gambling charges to supersede the dogfighting charges and it all spelled DOOM for little Mikey. Good. The punk's getting what he deserved.

And what a waste of talent- another sad reminder that professional-level athletic ability merely dresses up morons thanks to lots of cash to buy fancy clothes, cars, homes, and whatever else these clowns need to fake it. But in the end they are still morons.


More Signs That Brett Favre Should Retire

It's sad really. I was a HUGE Brett Favre fan/supporter. I loved the way the guy played the game like there was never another game after Sunday- like the whole season needed to be played in one game. He was a gamer, a warrior, and a true leader and teammate.

But while Favre might still be all those things, when someone like John Clayton writes a story like this, it just signals that the end isn't neigh, it's loooooong gone.

I mean come on, Brett. Guys are not laughing with you about your iPod dysfunction. They are laughing at you. And the iPod story merely highlights what everyone has known for far too long, possibly the last 3 or 4 seasons. Brett Favre is an old buck living in a young buck's woods. (I thought Brett, sportsman/hunter that he is, would appreciate the big game analogy.) It simply is his time to hang up his antlers... before someone else has them hanging on a wall.