The Arizona Cardinals did the fastest backpedalling of this young NFL season and renegged on the earlier reports that Matt Leinart would be their starting QB.

Reported via ESPN.com, Dennis Green of the Cardinals had this to say, "Generally talking about the starting lineup is not something we do. However, given the speculation that was out there we want to make it clear. We're disappointed after last week, but we still expect to be a playoff football team and we fully expect Kurt Warner to be the quarterback that leads us. That has not changed."

Other team sources suggest there was concern of putting too much pressure on Leinart, the 10th overal pick in this year's draft.

Based on Leinart's pedigree (pro-style college offense, Heisman winner, national champion, etc.), his long holdout from training camp, AND the amount of money he's making I say the Cardinals are simply fooling themselves if they think the kid isn't already the pinnacle of this year's high expectations class; Especially given the foregone conclusion in everyone's minds that Kurt Warner was as good as done before the year was out. Who had Week 4 in the Over/Under pool for Warner's demise as a starter in the desert? Anyone? Anyone?

All this means is Arizona tipped their hand before they wanted the naysayers to know. Leinart is not the future, Leinart is the here and now. The Cardinals brass just does not have the brass to pull the trigger given their new stadium opening (see: season ticket windfall) and now-eternal high expectations year in and year out. Seriously, when did the Caridnals become the annual "Sleeper Pick". It seems like every year the Cardinals promise bigger and bigger things and keep hitting the pavement with a lound SPLAT. The drafting of Fitzgerald started it. Followed by the bust-out campaiugn 3 years ago by Boldin. Last year they got Denny Green to save the franchise from their perpetual coaching revolving door. Now they have the "Edge" (James) and the "Pedigree" (Leinart) to open up things for their talented WRs.

What no one seems to advocate is their lack of push on both sides of the line where all good plays start and end. But hey, keep hoping Cards' fans. Maybe Leinart WILL start in Week 5 after yet another Warner INT. Then again, maybe the Cards will be backpedalling next week too. Sort of like their annual expectations.

NFL Week 3 Retro Predictions and Results

As I mentioned, I have to do my Week 3 predictions retroactively. So my original picks are in bold. Analysis, obviously, is based on results, so it's a good way to critique myself.

Carolina 26, Tampa Bay 24- OK, not the way to start off a Sunday, but losing Chris Simms (sternectomy) was not exactly what anyone had in mind either.

Chicago 19, Minnesota 16- Say what you want, Rex Grossman might just be the right QB for this team.
Cincinnati 28, Pittsburgh 20- Who Dey? They da new power in da AFC North.
Green Bay 31, Detroit 24- Brett Favre never does well in a Dome, right? Right?!!
Indianapolis 21, Jacksonville 14- So much for a new sheriff in town.
N.Y. Jets 28, Buffalo 20- Is it me, or is the mediocrity in the AFC East depressing?
Miami 13, Tennessee 10- Not as depressing as the Titans offense.
Washington 31, Houston 15- Mark Brunell's record-setting 22 consective completions feels a little like Roger Clemens striking out 20 against the Mariners in 1986. A nice stat line, but you have to wonder how padded it is playing versus a defacto minor league team.
Baltimore 15, Cleveland 14- If the Pats' were last week's 2-0 imposters, the Ravens staked their claim this week to the weakest 3-0 team this season.
Seattle 42, N.Y. Giants 30- That 27 points in the 4th quarter by the Giants was still too little too late. Is Coughlin the first coach fired in 2006?
Philadelphia 38, San Francisco 24- Sure, the Eagles were supposed to win, but San Fran still threw up 24 points on a good defense. Take the positive Niners fans.
St. Louis 16, Arizona 14- Kurt Warner cost his team this game. Marc Bulger didn't.
Denver 17, New England 7- Denver is the Pats' version of the Madden Curse. No matter how many times you think you'll exorcise the demon, it comes back to haunt you. Call it the Curse of Shanahan.

Week 3: 10-4
Overall: 31-15

About Time

I think the concept of a blog is a nice idea. However, I think, at least at the present time, I have to resign myself to the fact that my own blogging is going to be somewhat restricted given my schedule. Sporadic interuption is the new daily blogging.

On that note. I watched "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" last night. Caught the premier a week ago too. It's good, if only for the fact that it makes me realize how much nothing is on the rest of television. I'll admit, it's not heavy, but also not contrived. What it is is a brief commentary/satire about how shallow hollywood is- both as individuals in the industry as well as the aggregate- not to mention what that aggregate spews across our screens. This is not a call for more PBS or documentaries. It is simply a recognition that my taste for commercialism is now more objective than it used to be.

And I think Amanda Peet has been good for a while (see: "The Whole Nine Yards" or "Something's Gotta Give"), but no one has known her. Glad she caught a break as a lead in a high profile show.

Next post, Week 3 in the NFL retro-style- seeing as I missed my Week 3 predictions, I'll give them anyway with the actual results. (Hint: I actually faired well so I won't edit my picks retroactively.)