Sperry Topsiders Tremont Two-tone Penny Loafer

Angelo's post @Eyefivestyle's Class Act about needing new loafers inspired me for this one. Should penny loafers be a staple in a wardrobe? These two-tone Tremont loafers by Sperry certainly make the argument compelling.

Sperry, Tremont Loafer in Black and "Seahorse" (brown)

I will admit, I am not the first one in line to buy loafers. Should they be a staple in a guy's wardrobe? Probably in 98.6% of cases, yes. So this time, I'll bite. These Sperry loafers do a couple things for me:

1) They give me a clean looking loafer I'd be comfortable wearing on (casual) workdays or at play.
2) The two-tone is what really gets me- I'd be happy to rock these with either blacks or browns in my ensemble. Hell, go for broke with both (yes, yes you can).
3) The Sperry Non-Marking, Rubber Outsole with Razor-Cut Wave-Siping is a complicated way of saying, "You won't slip on your ass." It's durable and functional without looking out of place.

(also available in black)

How (much):
MSRP $90.00 (on sale for $65.00)