The "hIT" List Returns

I used to have a widget in the old format of this blog that was called the "hIT list". It usually covered 5 or so links to stuff (products, software, electronics, articles, etc.) I found relevant- at least to me. Well, in honor of that list, from time to time, I will post a few links to things that struck me as relevant. Totally subjective, but I hope you find some of them useful (or at least interesting). So, without further ado... The hIT List:
  • Reality is MUCH scarier than anything on TV.
  • Agree or disagree, this list is a real thought provoker. (Well, not really, but for a generation of video game geeks, it's pretty funny with a couple of, "damn right" statements sprinkled in.)
  • If you do not read the Consumerist, you are missing out.
  • You simply must appreciate scientific pictures like this one of a solar flare that can be found at NASA's website in the Images of the Day section. Wow.

Do You HDTV?

For those of you with an HDTV (on February 17, 2009, that means everyone in the U.S. based on this), CNET has an awesome link to help you with your HDTV calibration settings for over 80 models of TVs on the market dating back as far as 2006.

If you want the quick background, here's the CNET staff member who does the calibrations blogging about it.