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What a Weekend

I'm a lifelong Pats fan, and even I enjoy them more thoroughly simply trying to see how they can dismantle an opponent in every single way possible. It beats the 3-point squeakers in the past Super Bowl-winning seasons that seemed to come week after week. You just never felt comfortable like this season.

And if anyone thinks that not going for it on 4th and inches on that last drive makes the Pats soft (compared to every other game's ending sequences for them this year) you just have to understand the mercy killing was long over by then.

And while I'm on the "home team" diatribe, the Celtics needed a loss. Plain and simple. And you can't complain about a "quality loss". You don't want to lose, but you need them to help you improve as a team. That is, unless your the Patriots.

As for college football, I think WVU having an outside shot at the BCS title game is a little weak for the system. As is Kansas being there (though they totally would deserve it if they go undefeated). The problem is, the BCS became almost too involved with parity in a really short period of time. I almost think it was better when you could expect big name teams to be in the hunt (even if it felt rigged).

Now, "LSU vs. Mizzou" or "LSU vs. Kansas" doesn't have that same ring to it as "THE Ohio State vs. LSU". Even worse, what if it's, say, "Mizzou vs. WVU"? Ugh. Though I cannot discount the WVU offense looking good on national TV after New Year's for all the nation to see.

Here's a thought... does a "W" in the Mizzou/Kansas game do more for Mizzou or does it help Kansas more? My problem with it is, despite both being ranked in the Top 5, both are hurt by the simple fact that their week schedules possibly will bounce them both if Kansas loses. So then Kansas needs this win more- run the table and they are in, lose and they are just another 1-loss pretender. But if Mizzou loses, they have NO shot at the title either. So then THEY need the win more so they keep their title hopes alive and hope LSU loses or WVU doesn't squeak by them in the computers. Simply put, this is where a team's weak schedule hurts them most... at the end when the only difference between you and all the other pretenders is SOS.

Unranked PC "Upsets" #18 Razorbacks

I’m a follower of Providence College basketball, having lived 15 minutes, down the road my whole life and family that are alumni. I can tell you it's not so surprising they beat Arkansas late last week. They are a veteran team of juniors that are forced to play a very hard schedule every year- living in the Big East. They should be a middle seed in this year's NCAA's. Just say I told you so come next March.


Catching Up.

I get sidetracked from posting frequently and realized something needs to go up on the blog, so here's some "quickie" thoughts from me today...

I firmly believe the talent gap in college basketball is minuscule at best- all the way down to the community college level. So that UNC is #1 is fine by me. In the end, national rankings don't matter until seedings for March anyway. And even then you can simply run the table in your conference tourney for an automatic bid anyway.

Phil Jackson is an idiot.

I haven't really spent much time contemplating this, but my gut reaction to Mike Golic's admission? Fire him.

I know there's a LARGE amount of gray area between letting Golic off the hook and flat out firing, but I can't put a guy in his position as one of the top faces for ESPN Radio in a position to chance being hypocritical on the air (if he hasn't already). Of course, the 4-letter could spin this into an "Educational Campaign" fronted by Golic and denounce PEDs in sports altogether, but that would be awfully superficial. Then again, seeing that everyone believes most players did something at some point, does anyone really care about Golic revealing his use?

The C's are legit. I originally said wait until December before deciding anything about this team, but that was before they were 7-0, and the Heat and Bulls look horrible, and the Pistons seem to be running in place, and the West is more top-heavy this year. I honestly think they have the early track on the Finals. And if they get double-digit scoring from every starter (like last night), this team might be too well-balanced to stop. OK OK, that's a little overboard, but the Spurs have top be worried about a team that is playing balanced offense AND crazy defense (like them).