A "No-No" with No Shortage of Storylines

I am glad that the point of Varitek being "tha man" behind the plate (modern record catching 4 no-no's) was not lost in the post-game and today's coverage of Jon Lester's no-hitter... it was 1 of my 1st thoughts when the Sox recorded the final out that it probably has been as much Varitek's diligence as it has been his pitchers' talent over his reign behind the Sox' plate.

Incidentally- Theo's "development machine" seems to be coming to fruition... Lester, Buchholz and (tonight's starter) Masterson are the "early returns" for a club that went from wasteful spenders (read: Dan Duquette Era) to "2 Rings in 4 Years".
Lester's cancer story, the no-hitters, the kids (Ellsbury, Lester, Buchholz, Masterson, Lowrie...), Lowell's fit in Boston, Papelbon as closer... these are the quality stories behind the overplayed Red Sox Nation-type stuff (Yankees, big payroll, etc.).

If you saw the post-game congratulatory pig-pile and line of hugs, you understand how far Red Sox Nation has come.

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