Levi's Jeans and... CORDS!

Yeah, that was an ad spot tag line back in the 80's that I remember. But since then, and rightfully so, Levi's kind of lost the whole corduroy thing- at least from this consumer's perspective. I mean, sure, I had my old Levi's maroon tight wale cords when I was a kid, but never do I remember owning any after I think Junior High.

Let's face it. Cords are the second cousin in the Levis Strauss & Co. family. The family member invited last to the party. But with a new focus on men's style- and, more importantly, fit of men's clothing- I think cords have seen a resurgence that was due.

Take a look at stops like INVENTORY and their recent obsession with cords:




...and here

Or GQ's hint or Details' spread on corduroy suits.

There are some good pieces out there. But to invest in a pair without breaking the bank like some of the above, why not go back to the company for which I first remember corduroys. Levi's has these cords in my favorite cut- their 514 Slim Straight which doesn't take skinny jeans too seriously, but gives a more tailored, modern fit. And I swear Levi's built the 514's bottom and thigh cut for my "hockey ass."*

(*For the uninitiated, a "hockey ass" is when a person- typically on hockey players- who have developed upper legs due to skating/exercising the thighs/quads and subsequently blends into the buttocks musculature, hence leaving them w/less of a definitive ass and more of a, ahem, full-bodied look.)

Take a look...

The color is pretty spot on- not too khaki, not too brown. Though I hate they named it "Cougar" given that: a) it's an overused phrase currently, especially since: b) it's a guy's pant and all. But name aside, the color is pretty spot on for a Fall item. You can also get it in "I had these in 4th grade" brown (nay, "Cacao") or go modern in Machine Grey like here.

I like the grey too, paired with some Sambas or other stylish sneaker makes it a great option for a casual Friday night. Although I would argue a nice grey wool pant or even flannel pant w/said sneakers is a marked improvement and the cords are best left for the weekend.

All 3 sport a narrow, more modern pinwale cord. And, for better or worse, they are a "denim stretch" fabric (67% cotton, 33% polyester) meaning they may hold form better, but don't think you're getting a top-of-the-line cotton cord. But for under $70 bucks (U.S.) you can't really go wrong.