Wow, it's Been a While.

Like the song says, "It's been awhile...", but I had some thoughts on the current sports landscape, so...

Here's the thing about the Pats... why issue a bitter press release, scolding the media for alleging they taped the Rams walk-through when all this time (and for years previously) they remained stoic like their leader (Belichick) in the face of any criticisms? I ask this as a lifelong Pats fan too (i.e., I have lived/breathed this team for 30 years). Why get ornery now? Move on and try for 19-0 again, end of story.

After watching the Celts' lackluster defensive performance in the final 2 minutes in Game 4 (and almost 10 minutes of horrific offense from both teams) I am concerned about tonight's game. Though I am not panicking because *gasp* LeBron had a big dunk to punctuate the Cavs comeback in this series.

I wonder if the NHL could pull an unprecedented move by anointing the Pens and Wings the Conference Champs today and letting the Stanley Cup Final start this weekend? Would that not be the greatest moment in the NHL this decade? Heck, it would at least give them as much press as the Pens/Sabres outdoor game this past season. G'head, anoint their a$$es.

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