...But First, the News

I have opinions, emotions, retrospectives, and even prognostications regarding the Celtics Game 6 victory in Detroit to close the deal on their much-expected trip to the 2008 NBA Finals, but before we get there, I just witnessed one of the greatest goals I have seen in ice hockey in a long while.

Mark it down: Game 4 of the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals. Marin Hossa scores the 1st goal of the game at 17:00 of the first period by stuffing a short-side rebound by Chris Osgood's left pad. Just 3 minutes in, Hossa displays some of the sickest hands and fastest wrists I have ever seen on the ice. I've played hockey for 30 years, and I have not seen a guy stuff a puck in such a tight space in such a lightning fast moment more than twice before (vaguely recalling here Jagr in his prime and the other I cannot picture- Forsberg maybe?).

Anyway, it needs to be an ESPN Top 10 play ASAP tonight/tomorrow and preserved as a Youtube moment forever.

Seriously... check it out.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program (Celtics post forthcoming).