CES Hangover

I've been sorting through various posts and highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas last week. Some really cool stuff (and lots of "ughs" too). But I'll try and post some products that caught my eye. Starting with this baby.

The LG HBM-800 is a bluetooth headset/speaker combo. Subject to a performance review, what I like about it is it's ability to bring "handsfree" to another level with Bluetooth.

I've used a Bluetooth earpiece for a couple of years and I hate the stigma (and discomfort) it now brings- evil stares like those previously reserved in the "good 'ol days" for the few people who had- gasp- cell phones. More importantly, I hate the discomfort of having something stuck in my ear while in transit. Quality headphones (like my Ultimate Ears Super.fi 3 buds) Bluetooth is not.

Also as discouraging is the typical mediocre performance you get out of your cellphone's speaker when attempting to go handsfree in, say, the car. If this LG has a quality speaker (both in terms of audio and mic/noisecanceling), it may just make its earpiece expendable on the road. The visor clip in the new HBM-800 makes it ideal to stow right above your head and push the "talk" button without the ear-canal damaging pressure you exert attempting to engage your earpiece.

But that earpiece would come in quite handy leaving your vehicle to continue a call (with its switching feature) or in crowded places where a speaker is just useless (and obnoxious). The design looks promising, though it has a bit of a garage door opener groove going on. But if the performance quality is there, I'll overlook its lack of cutting edge style in v1.0.

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