Recession-proof Clothing

Sure, there probably is not much that is recession-proof these days, but that does not mean not taking advantage of the recession to outfit your sorry (and aesthetically lacking) self with new duds at the expense of all the clothing stores practically giving away their wares.

For me, that means stocking up on certain staples in my wardrobe. The button down shirts I use (and it's a specific kind) are virtually pocket change right now. Seriously, the outfitters are so desperate for sales, everything in stores seems like a "loss leader".

Fortunately for me, it's not just some one-off item, but something I use over and over. A little pearl of wisdom I plan to pass to my kids (if for nothing more than Father's Day gift ideas)... while I am all for patterned shirts in my closet or thin V-neck sweaters, you can never have enough white and blue button-downs.

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