How Does the City of Anaheim Save Tax Dollars?

Usually, stories like this one about how the City of Anaheim and its mayor, Curt Pringle, says the City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to give up its battle to restore the team's name to the Anaheim Angels come from the side of the professional sports team.

You know the scenario- the team spinster, er... PR rep steps up to a podium tells you the owner has decided not to retain Joe All-Star because they see their club headed in a different direction, or they couldn't come to terms, or any excuse to deflect the fact that said club (and owner) simply decided Joe was not worth $20mil per year and a hefty increase to ticket prices the following season that further screw their fan base after the last slate of crappy contracts they committed to.

But here we have the City of Anaheim and their CEO (mayor) Curt Pringle playing the angles so the blip on the radar that this story is somehow, what, favors the city over the Angels? The money quote, "...it's in everybody's best interest to take no further action."

Basically, the guy is trying to save face over a laughing stock lawsuit that has twice failed and that costs the taxpayers money. It took the current economy to do it, but at least someone in Anaheim City Hall was wise enough to look at the books and say,"Um, we are paying a legal retainer to fight WHAT?"

Yeah, way to go Anaheim, your solid now. Of course, you're also left with the Ducks and not much else, but hey, now you can spend your tax dollars on, say,
a city float for this year's Rose Parade.

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