Get 20% Off By Using Bing

Here are some simple steps to getting 20% off some of your favorite brands today at Macy's. I know I know, it's Macy's, but hell, even the gang at GQ.com could find something from the department store to put under their tree. In fact, I will take a look at what many of those items- and some of my own choosing- would cost post-Bing cashback in an upcoming post.

Not to mention, right now Macy's is pushing a promo online to get 15-20% off plus free shipping using promo code: THEBEST- that's up to a total of 40% off (+ free shipping)- and tons of items are already marked down before that. Please tell me you can find something, ANYTHING to warrant these savings. I know I did.

Frye Rodney Chukkas in dark brown- $178 - 15% (shoe dept) + 20% Bing cash back + free shipping = $121.04. Pretty good ROI there.

So here's what to do to get the savings:
  1. Go to Bing.com/cashback
  2. Search using "Macy's Men's Clothing"
  3. To the right you will see a list of sponsored links (like in Google). One of them will say "Men's Clothing at Macy's, get 20% off..." or something similar, followed by a, "get cash back" link.
  4. Click on it.
  5. It will take you to Bing's account login screen to confirm your link to Macy's. You need an old MS Hotmail account or current Live account to log in. If you don't have one, sign up here, it's free. 
  6. Once you sign in, the login page will redirect you to Macy's site and has now cookied your session using bing.com with cash back. 
  7. Shop like you normally would, adding items to your shopping cart and then proceed to checkout when you are done.
  8. Do not forget to apply the THEBEST code for 15% off (shoes/accessories) or 20% off (clothing). (This is a separate promo from Macy's and unrelated to Bing.)  Make sure you follow SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) as it pertains top online checkout (i.e., check your billing/shipping, payment method, delivery options, etc.)
  9. Once you've gone through the shopping process and confirmed your order, you'll get the usual confirmations and email. Additionally, within 48 hours you should get an email from Bing.com about your rewarded cash back amount. (Said Bing email will go to your Hotmail/Live account.)
  10. This cash back can be deposited in your Paypal account if you have one. Nice!
If you haven't used Bing or are not aware of it, check here for details. Basically, it's Microsoft paying you to go through their search engine instead of Google or Yahoo or any competitors. I've used it to great effect and vouch for it's validity and usefulness.

I do not know how long Bing and Macy's will be running this discount- Bing.com/cashback amounts change frequently, so don't hold me to the percentages involved. But always first go to Bing.com/cashback when buying online to have a shot at a better deal. It doesn't always give you the best price versus some of the more competitive online sites, but even some of the better deal sites have partnered with Bing for cash back deals. See here for Bing's list of partners.

Best of luck finding that little something for less just in time for Christmas.

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