Closet Staple: life/after/denim Legacy Classic Twill BD

You can argue there is nothing more utilitarian to put in your closet than a button down cotton shirt. Whether using it as a layering option or just as is, now more than ever, the varieties are endless.  Whether you are an Oxford or Broadcloth man, a Pinpoint or Poplin aficionado or even a proponent of the weekend flannel or summer linen varieties, there is something for everyone.  Personally I like a variety in my closet for any occasion.  I can't help finding another reason to buy yet another of this wardrobe staple. Sure, you can get wrapped up in dozens of versions of the safe white or powder blue variety, but more and more we are seeing bolder choices paired in "high/low" styles like a gingham shirt with a suit or a flannel with wool tie and blazer.

A great combination of form, function (and price) in my opinion is life/after/denim's Legacy Twill Button Down in either Black or Brown Plaid. Available at Urban Outfitters (black, on sale now) or IanShop in Seattle, WA (brown) the soft twill cotton, washed out dye and large plaid pattern has a nice laid back vibe. The look is paired with some tailored touches such as the shorter cut of the shirt and its curved and gusseted hem, not to mention a chest pocket with the plaid pattern matched to the shirt's body. (Note: it may be considered a "Regular" fit BD, but life/after/denim's line leans toward a slimmer, more modern silhouette .)

Worn with denim or a pair of chinos (as the label I am sure would prefer), this shirt would wear well "dressed up" with a cotton or wool tie or left un-tucked for a weekend jaunt. And life/after/denim does well by the wallet too- this BD retails for $85- far more palatable than some shirts of similar quality for twice the price.

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