More Signs That Brett Favre Should Retire

It's sad really. I was a HUGE Brett Favre fan/supporter. I loved the way the guy played the game like there was never another game after Sunday- like the whole season needed to be played in one game. He was a gamer, a warrior, and a true leader and teammate.

But while Favre might still be all those things, when someone like John Clayton writes a story like this, it just signals that the end isn't neigh, it's loooooong gone.

I mean come on, Brett. Guys are not laughing with you about your iPod dysfunction. They are laughing at you. And the iPod story merely highlights what everyone has known for far too long, possibly the last 3 or 4 seasons. Brett Favre is an old buck living in a young buck's woods. (I thought Brett, sportsman/hunter that he is, would appreciate the big game analogy.) It simply is his time to hang up his antlers... before someone else has them hanging on a wall.

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