Michael Vick pleaded out officially just a little while ago. Like the guy had any choice. All 3 other defendants pleaded out faster than one of their own freakin' dog fights lasted, they ratted on Vick, AND they were ready to testify in Vick's case if it came to a trial. Add to that the Feds' eagerness to throw in gambling charges to supersede the dogfighting charges and it all spelled DOOM for little Mikey. Good. The punk's getting what he deserved.

And what a waste of talent- another sad reminder that professional-level athletic ability merely dresses up morons thanks to lots of cash to buy fancy clothes, cars, homes, and whatever else these clowns need to fake it. But in the end they are still morons.

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chitown italian said...

Go to prisonbitchname.com and type in Michael Vick...enjoy