NFL Week 7 Preview

Carolina at Cincinnati- DeShaun Foster plays well against weak run defenses. The Bengals rank #24 against the run. DeShaun likes Cincy.

Detroit at N.Y. Jets- The jets have surprised with their 3-3 record. The Lions lackluster 1-5 record may be slightly misleading, but at home, the Jets should be able to contain the Lions' offense.

Green Bay at Miami- Somebody has to win this game, right? Harrington looks more comfortable than Culpepper did in this offense. And Green Bay's "O" line will get pounded by Miami's "D".

at Houston- Poor Gary Kubiak. No running game for the former RB mastermind.

New England
at Buffalo- Belichick always finds a compliment for even the weakest teams. This week? He says the Bills are dangerous and could go 6-wideouts on offense, they're that deep. Oh Bill. You're such a kidder.

Philadelphia at Tampa Bay- Bruce Gradkowski may not be a top-10 QB (heck it's only his second start), but he sure makes the Bucs feel more confident they can win than Chris Simms ever did.

Pittsburgh at Atlanta- Sure the Steelers ran it up on the Chiefs last week. But Atlanta has been preaching defense a lot longer than K.C. And the Steelers are not fast enough on defense to contain Mike Vick.

San Diego
at Kansas City- Phillip Rivers is legit. So is the Bolts' "D". As long as Martyball doesn't come into play, this game should be over by the half.

at Cleveland- Another game, another 13 points for Denver. And again, 13 points will be enough to win- this time against a pathetic Browns team who, unlike Denver, is impotent on both offense and defense.

Arizona at Oakland- The negative P.R. this week prior to the deadline may actually give the Raiders some energy. Arizona's only hope is Matt Leinart's decision-making. Unfortunately his O-line won't give him the 2-3 seconds he needs to make the right one against a decent Raiders defense.

Minnesota at Seattle- With or without Alexander, this team now relies on its compliment of WRs and Matt Hasselbeck getting them the ball.

Washington at Indianapolis- Must-win for the 'Skins is at worst possible time... Indy off of a bye.

N.Y. Giants at Dallas- The most important stat will not be how many balls come T.O.'s way in the first half, but how many times the Cowboys rush the ball against the Giants run "D" which yields nearly 70% more rushing yards per game than Dallas.

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