NFL Week 7 Here and Gone

I know we still have MNF tonight, but let's get a jump on this weekend's results (and my prediction results- in bold)...

Cincinnati 17, Carolina 14 - Here: The swagger of a division leader in Cincy. Gone: DeShaun Foster, weak run defense exploiter.

N.Y. Jets 31, Detroit 24- Here: The Jets win total from last season (in only 7 games). Gone: The mockery of hiring the youngest Head Coach in NFL history.

Green Bay 34, Miami 24- Here: Joey Harrington, Fantasy League stud. Gone: Miami Defense, Fantasy League dud.

Houston 27, Jacksonville 7- Here: Texans' pride (and posibly a bright future). Gone: Jacksonville's eyes on the division crown (3 GB of Indy already).

New England 28, Buffalo 6- Here: The Pats as AFC's favorites. Gone: The Pats as AFC's most overrated.

Tampa Bay 23, Philadelphia 21- Here: The Gradkowski Era. Gone: The Simms Era.

Atlanta 41, Pittsburgh 38 (OT)- Here: Michael Vick, TD throwing machine. Gone Michael Vick, TD running machine.

Kansas City 30, San Diego 27- Here: Larry Johnson's Fantasy League promise fulfilled. Gone: San Diego's defensive impregnability (thanks Mrs. Kiel and Merriman).

Denver 17, Cleveland 7 Here: The Over on Denver's 13 point run. Gone: The hope that Jay Cutler will play soon (hint: not if they keep winning, even by low scores).

Oakland 22, Arizona 9- Here: The Black Hole. Gone: Dennis Green.

Minnesota 31, Seattle 13 Here: Quality road win for the Vikings. Gone: The Seahawks' HFA in the playoffs- Hasselbeck's injury insures that. As I noted in my Week 7 predictions, this team is now a pass 1st offense, but now without a quality passer for a month.

Indianapolis 36, Washington 22- Here: Washington's off-season come early. Gone: "Peyton is soft" critics after get bent like Gumby in a meat grinder.

I'll update this after tonight's MNF result.
And here it is...

NY Giants 36, Dallas 22- Here: The last season of Coach Parcells Gone: The NFC East as "most competitive division" this season. (It's only a 2-horse race.)

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