All-American Style at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Ralph Lauren is not the only one covering Team USA's athletes. Sure, RL made his mark early in these games with the on-point American ensemble for the United States' Opening Ceremony gear (and subsequent high snobiety bitchiness that ensued), but there are a whole load of other styles that Team U.S.A. wears throughout these games and we should not forget about.

Check out the pics below for some of the gear our Olympians are wearing throughout these games (note- Ralph ain't the only label covering our athletes). Starting with my first love- ice hockey- the boys in "old-school" Red, White and Blue are lookin' good. (Think an updated "Miracle" fellas!)

 A return to simpler times for Team USA's Ice Hockey uniforms, provided by Nike

  Burton's official USA Snowboard Team uni, made out of material supplied by the Gore (think Gore-Tex) Company. The pants were designed to look like ripped denim, but are waterproof

Shaun White and Scotty Lago in Burton 

 The Medal Ceremony look for all Team USA medalists sports Nike Air Blazers, a Nike ACG Considered Design Waterproof Down Jacket, ACG Considered Design Waterproof Pant, Nike Air Blazer ACG boot, and headwear.

 Hannah Kearney earned gold in Women's Moguls and looked good in her Nike faded puffer. Made from recycled material, each puffer is uniquely faded. 

In the Olympic Village, USA athletes will be wearing this recycled Warm-Up Jacket with the contrast stripe and 2010 USA Olympic Team logo. Made of recycled polyester fabric.

The warm-up jackets on Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick, provided by Nike

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