The Perfect Project

As Mr. Steven Alan notes on his Twitter feed, @Steven_Alan, "I've been invited by @VAustralia to create the perfect bag for the perfect destination-Australia Check out @perfectproject http://ow.ly/x0pV."

OK, first and foremost, I
cannot believe there are no comments at the Perfect Project blog! I had seen a shorter post from Mr. Alan a ways back and really didn't dive into it much then. Just for fun, design a bag. Now the ideas are flowing. Maybe it wasn't well documented, or well marketed or whatever, but my god, people. To paraphrase Dr. Seuss- Oh the places you'll go with this opportunity! And so, here I went...

Rip stops and sail material come to mind after checking out the trip's
blog posts from the man himself. And something that might be utilitarian. But that might look a little lower end than necessary. I don't think leather is the way to go either (at least for the bag itself) so what does that leave? Waxed Canvas? Maybe some combination waxed canvas outer/ripstop inner for a little more water resistance? And obviously, I would recommend dimensions suited to a carry-on.

Now- the handles. Leather strapping. Horween Shell Cordovan to be exact-
And against a waxed canvas in a charcoal grey outer- now we're talking! Gasp! Maybe even pull out a Woolrich Woolen Mills wool in subtle plaid? Would fit right into the current Steven Alan Fall line of outerwear. Maybe this...

or, this...

And we needed an inner liner material... nylon/ripstop of bright color (so you can find your valuables) like here...
Or maybe- and here I might be a little too symbiotic- a Steven Alan shirting cloth, like his reverse seam, red/grey plaid Oxford cloth...
I just think the heavier red/grey plaid weave is a great offset to one of the more simple wool plaids for the outer and both go great with the Horween Cordovan Leather handles (preferably in a deep burgundy/cognac color).

A military zipper across the opening (but carbon fiber so as not to set off metal detectors in airports) a
nd a zipper pouch on the side- both with small (carbon fiber) carabiners on the ends for extra hooks (for keys/mug/sport bottle/other bags/etc.)

Wow, how time (and ideas) fly. Just some brainstorm for you Mr. Alan. I might even jump on Google SketchPad and start "doodling".

(Need more Steven Alan? The eponymous designer's line can be found here.)

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Anonymous said...

I think you just desinged the bag for him.