Chronicles of a DIY-er

If you ever wanted to see a REAL home makeover- not one of these HGTV/TLC/ABC "reality" jobs, then take a look here. I will be chronicling the trials and tribulations as we renovate the house we purchased. First up: DESTRUCTION!

Here's a couple "Before & After" shots as we progress through the initial phases. (I will add comments or interesting tidbits- if any- along the way.)

Kitchen re-do: The Kitchen wall came down and it will accommodate a new counter top and bar that will extend into the Dining Room. The next step here is re-routing the hot/cold Pex lines going to the second floor bathrooms and the electrical lines for all the outlets.

The trick is going to be how we blend the 2 ceilings (Kitchen and DR). As you may know, skimming (plastering) a ceiling is almost an art form. Master plasterers each have their own unique "signature"- that is the way they run the swirls in the ceiling. Currently the 2 ceilings swirl in opposite directions. Fortunately (or unfortunately maybe), we have to re-skim the DR anyway because of a repair needed to the upstairs Master Bath shower drain (through said DR ceiling). This could go smoothly or be a real PITA. Stay tuned.




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