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I promised I would be reporting on my trials and tribulations with our new home design. Here's the latest. Is it possible to design our entire kitchen around...


Cuisinart brick toaster oven with convection
Love it.

Absolutely love it.

I love the combination of modernity, yet retro feel. I am definitely not a modern/contemporary style guy- more traditional, neo-classical (think New England architecture, or easier still, old art museums or the White House). But in my opinion this appliance is the *cough* toast *cough* of the town .

Like I said in my previous post- the kitchen is the center of our family universe. So why not make the toaster the center of that center? As long as it's a piece as stylish as the Cuisinart Brick Toaster Oven with Convection, I say, yes! You could design almost any kitchen around it and in so many variations that your own personal style would easily push through any underpinnings of design this toaster has. My point is, it's a piece for inspiration, not the total package.

$199, cuisinart.com

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