Revenge is Coming- and So Are More GM Cars

I am surprised more outlets have not picked up on the fact that the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen official movie site has a link to lots of exclusive footage of the new Autobots. The link has been out for nearly a week on the official site. It links to a GM site here.

Granted the footage plays more like a GM ad than a teaser trailer, but it has some extended looks at many of the Autobots- both new and old that will be featured in this year's Transformers sequel. The footage is strictly of the Autobots in vehicle mode.

And here's a sneak peak at some pics of what (or who, if you will) we will see this Summer:

"The Twins"- Mudflap and Skids with a modified "performance package" Bumblebee (Chevy Camaro).

"Sideswipe"- the Corvette Stingray Concept.

"Jolt"- Chevy Volt (Followed by Ratchet and Ironhide who reappear in the sequel.)

There is also additional exclusive footage at the GM site of what appears to be the folks at Cheverolet putting together a life size Bumblebee if you access the "Select Clip" link through the "Exclusive Footage" interface. Enjoy.

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