Most Bizarre Unintentional Product Crosspromotion Ever.

So I was looking into Philips Electronics based on a friend's input who might get a job with them. Lo and behold after a few jumps through Wikipedia and rummaging through information on the Dutch company, I came across a link to this product they are pushing in the UK.

Philips is plugging it as an "Intimate Massager". It looks like a ladies contraceptive. Wikipedia refers to it simply as a vibrator. (And don't even get me started on the Amazon page's description.) Hey, one person's massager is another person's vibrator I guess. And who am I to judge anyway?

But the most disturbing, or fitting (depending on your psyche) part of this little story is this. Check out below the web page on Amazon UK's site that sells this product. Anyone else think it a little fanboy-ish that the Amazon engine determined Lara Croft fit into the "Similar Items" section of this product page? Somewhere, a gaming geak is "1-clicking" his way to what he thinks is his best chance at getting Angelina Jolie in bed (or Meghan Fox, if you believe the rumors that have already been squashed).

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