Summer.... Blink and You'll Miss It

Which is not a bad thing in my opinion. To celebrate the coming of August- which in turn means back-to-school shopping and Fall clothing lines debuting soon- I saw this sweater and instantly thought, "Cold weather cannot come soon enough."

I love Fall clothes. I love the ability to layer and add a little more sprezzatura than (at least) I do in the Summer. Summertime is not (as) conducive to strokes of sartorial genius simply due to the limitations in wardrobe the hot weather dictates- especially among us working class citizens. I get too warm in anything more than a cotton button-down and cotton khakis. I try to mix in blended or stretch wools (read: partly synthetic) that lend a little comfort and style in my pants selection for Summer, but still- to pull off anything heavier turns me into a puddle. I know experts such as Scott Schulman or Glenn O'Brien might argue accessorizing (with watches, fanciful belts, bracelets, accents of a different color, etc.) to offset the more limited wardrobe. But I still cannot shake the greater enthusiasm I have for Fall style.

In honor of the pending cooler weather and Fall collections, I found several garments coming to a store near you that caught my eye lately. I haven't been a student for years, but I can honestly say, bring on Labor Day!

And here's an ensemble for my kid come the Fall...
UPDATE: This leather jacket (see below) by French Connection rocks out- very modern, yet timeless. Something French Connection is REALLY good at is nailing today's styles for a modest sum. This bomber is spot on for today's man in black. Gosh, that sounds like an advert.

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