Iceberg... NOT the Lettuce

I have been rather fashion-heavy in my posts lately- blame in on the 2009 Men's Spring Collections on preview in Europe right now. But I could not pass this one up.

Remember this label:

It's the first (and I think only) line of menswear I have ever seen on the runway reviews where I think I would buy virtually all of the line. It just looks fantastic and wearable and, well... real.

Too often, these designers go for an exotic theme or a shock & awe or some unrealistic interpretation of what men (American men at least) would wear on a daily basis. I know, I know, the designer/fashion crowd is innately eccentric, so expect to see "ready-to-wear" clothing that might not be so "retail-ready" or mass-consumer-focused.

But OK, I
still want clothes I can look at that say, "YOU can wear this." Otherwise, I am not buying and not becoming brand loyal. If Paolo Gerani (creative director at Iceberg) can continue to put this "eminently wearable" (h/t: Josh Peskowitz) to bed every season, I'll be his biggest fan.

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