The Dark Knight

I'm a bit of a comics and sci-fi geek, a sad result of growing up in Generation X whose denizens are the first-born recipients of the mass-media push of these genres (see: Superman: The Movie, Star Wars trilogy, Star Trek movies, original Battlestar Galactica series, Batman: Year One/The Dark Knight Returns graphic novels, etc.).

In anticipation of the sequel to the nearly perfect comic-to-feature-film "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight", Warner Bros. is launching a new animated series directly to DVD, "Batman: The Gotham Knight" the week prior to the launch of the silver screen release (What cohesion! What marketing!).

At any rate, there are some stills of this new animated feature on IGN (posted back in February) as well as 2 more recent videos. The tone is appreciably darker (like the live-action movies) versus the older Batman animation (e.g., the superb "Batman: The Animated Series"). And wow, it looks impressive. And these preview images and videos got me even more psyched for "The Dark Knight" (for which I was already amply jacked up).

Quick note: David Goyer who (along with director Chris Nolan) wrote and produced the new Batman feature films, also has his hand writing/producing this version (as does Alan Burnett of the aforementioned, "Batman the Animated Series" production). That can only mean tried and true Bat-goodness. See? I am a geek for this stuff.

P.S. Here also is the latest trailer for "The Dark Knight". Enjoy.

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