H&M... You D*ck Tease

So, if you do not know H&M by now, well, you should. It's that simple. H&M is an international retailer that truly rocks at the big box clothing+ style+value equation that I have not yet seen anyone else able to duplicate. Very simply, H&M knows clothes.

My 1 regret is there is not an H&M store near my home that carries the men's line. And the website does not offer an online store (yet?). OK, make that 2 regrets. But fear not. While you may lament not being close to an H&M store (or at least 1 with the department you need) they have improved their website playthings so you can at least dream and "doodle" with the stylings of the season.

Check out their dressing room, heck, even upload your face to a mannequin and let your inner Tim Gunn take over.
Make it work people.

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