If the Feds Can't Get You, the 11 Year-Old Will.

Reality is by far better than fiction. You really could not make up a story as bizarre as some innocent little 11 year-old kid who was at Jose Canseco's infamous party in 1998 taking snapshots of all his baseball heroes... including Roger Clemens!

Yup, looks like there is now evidence that Roger Dodger was at Canseco's pad way back in 1998 when Brian McNamee claims he was.

Make no mistake, the truth always comes out in these situations. I'm not shocked that there is now alleged incriminating evidence against the dirtbag former Cy Young Award winner. What shocks me is that Clemens has a big enough ego that he went to Capitol Hill and quite possibly was brazen enough to purger himself in front of Congress.

I mean, it is one thing to "deny deny deny" to the media as a P.R. move prior to raising your hand under oath. It is quite another to play the victim, demand a Congressional hearing to exonerate yourself, then LIE when you could be looking at prison time if the Feds feel like pursuing a felony against one of baseball's all-time greats (and believe me they will after this embarrassment).

If this plays out the way it's headed, Roger Clemens just lost the biggest gamble of his life. But hey, his ego can handle it, right? We'll just have to ask his roommate on Cell Block D in a few years.


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