The Dumbest Things I have Read about Super Bowl XLII

And there are many of them. So I decided now I will keep a running log of many of the quotes and quips from the past 2 weeks that make me go, "Huh?".

  • THE dumbest thing said thus far... Bill Williamson on MSNBC.com, "The rest of the NFL is thankful the Patriots’ record doesn’t carry over into the 2008 season. And there is no guarantee the 2008 Patriots will be this dominating. In fact, there are indications New England could regress a bit."
Well shit, Bill, thanks for clearing that up. And here my feeble little mind all but guaranteed we'd be perfect again next season after no other team has gone undefeated through a 16-game regular season in NFL history. The fact that the Pats are on the precipice of securing a perfect season- the first in 36 years, makes me pretty darn sure they will regress a bit next year. Just a hunch there, Billy.

  • Ines, the TV Azteca girl, "Marry me Tom."
Spoken to Kyle Brady before she got it right and went seeking the real Tom Brady.

  • "23-17"
Need I say more?

to be continued...

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