In the year 2008...

After reading some benign beginning of the New Year prediction articles in various forms (mags, online, etc.) I thought a quick top-of-mind glance into the immediate future of possible topics we'll see on Line Change this year.

Without further ado (and after 30 seconds of thought), a quick Top 10 Lines for 2008:

10. Pats win Super Bowl XLII!
9. Brady NOT the father of Baby Jack (aka John Edward Thomas Moynahan)!
8. Backing up your hard drive to a backup drive that is backed up to your usb thumb drive that is backed up by an online storage provider.
7. Facebook goes bankrupt. High school and college students everywhere go back to, um- school.
6. Google wins presidential election! (McCain loses on Florida ballot count. Hilary distant third.)
5. iPhone G2 = $399 upgrade to current iPhone (iPhone G1s mysteriously stop working). $599 for new buyers until October when price is reduced to $399. $200 rebate demand ensues from both newbies and upgraders. Steve Jobs joins board of Universal, Newscorp., CBS, and Paramount simultaneously.
4. The BCS still doesn't work.

3. Red Sox lose the World Series in 7 games to Johan Santana, who was signed by Omar Minaya, plays all 9 positions for the New York Mets and accounts for 100% of their payroll.
2. The Dark Knight breaks summer box office records. Iron Man holds its own against the Memorial Day onslaught. Speed Racer tanks. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull launches Shia LeBouf into 8 figures per flick territory.
1. Randy Moss resigns with Patriots- 5 years, $30 million. Brady redoes contract to create salary cap room.

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