If you watch anything, anything at all, be it TV, film, DVD, Internet shorts, hell- porn, you should check this out. I've been following the Writers Guild of America strike and several of the blogs surrounding it (whether voices of writers, the WGA, etc.) and it's fascinating to see actual passion from a union instead of the stereotypical inertia that surrounds union negotiations (my wife is a teacher, trust me, professional unions and negotiations tend to be about as flavorful as Melba toast).

Pencils2MediaMoguls is a charitable drive to donate your spare change and voice your support to the WGA- one of the true backbones to our ROI on entertainment discretionary dollars. I.e., the guys and gals that write the "talkies" you love and hold dear for enjoyment and a release from the mundane daily existence most of us live. Give them your support.

UPDATE:This is kind of a cool off-shoot of the above charity... some folks will get rewarded via raffles for their support of their favorite show(s).

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