TMQ: Shame on You.

Easterbrook's latest rant is up on The Network's website.

Mr. Easterbrook, f
irst, full disclosure- I am a New England sports fan, born in raised in Rhode Island, and as such, I will admit my opinions will tend to be biased towards the teams for which I root here in New England- the Pats, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins. That being said, this is a trivial quote from you today:

“With 12 minutes to play, New England jumped offsides on third-and-2; Brady visibly yelled "f---!" in angry disgust. With his team ahead 38-0!”

Correct me if I am wrong, but your use of italics here leads me to believe you are shocked at Brady’s reaction. You must think Brady is as bad as the Evil Emperor himself, Coach Belichick, because he cursed and was angry at his team incurring a penalty amidst an unmerciful blowout.

Now look, I know this was one comment in a string to add emphasis to the extremes to which you feel the Patriots are abusing opponents. But if you have ever listened to a Brady interview, firstly, you know he is a competitor and a winner; And if you have even the slightest grasp on the “Patriot Way” and their philosophy (which, as a football follower, I am certain you understand despite the blowouts), then you know this organization practices to achieve perfection as a team and then goes out and tries to execute to perfection as a team. A penalty is a penalty- whether it’s a blowout or nail-biter, first play in the 1st quarter or third down-and-2 late in the 4th quarter of a massacre. These guys don’t like mistakes- period.
It’s called accountability.

Do NOT fault Brady or the Patriots for holding themselves accountable, even in a blowout. And that might help also explain these blowouts. Opponents and the individual players and coaches don’t hold themselves accountable on every play. The Pats do. And in part, that’s why their opponents lose.

And despite using italics, I’m not shocked that they do.

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